Updated 21/09
 CH-M-YH (8 years old) - CEI*** - 160 km
Friday 19th August - Phase 5

Jean Philippe Francès (FRA) on Padisha La Majorie and Géraldine Brault (FRA) on Padishah Nogarede 


But behind is totally another race ! Only 7 riders have already passed through the vet gate, and still nobody else in sight.
The next ones will probably have more than 30 minutes of lateness.


But the victory is far to being acquired : the first 7 riders are in less than 5 minutes and the Spanish Monica Comas Molist is only at 40 secondes behind the French rider and just after there is Salman Isa Al Rhadi (BRN) on Persepolia Larzac at 47 secondes.


Mélanie Arnold (GER) on Sevinc OX


Average speed of 18.5 km/h on this 5th phase for the first riders.

It is Mélanie Arnold (GER) who lead the last part of the phase, but it will be the French Sandrine Lance to start first riding Movisko du Lauragais.



At 3h49, a small group at light gallop ahead.
Group composed by : Mélanie Arnold (GER) on Sevinc OX, Sandrine Lance (FRA) on Movisko du Lauragais, Monica Comas Molist (SPA) on Princesse De Campagne, Salman Isa Al Radhi (BRN) on Persepolia Larzac and Robert Pastor (FRA) on Pulco de Baratier,


At 4 minutes, Géraldine Brault (FRA) riding Padishah Nogarede and Jean Philippe Francès (FRA) riding Padisha La Majorie.